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We are excited to introduce to many industries the benefits of Laser Cleaning as a new technology. As it is becoming more prevalent with handheld and mobile systems, there are many cost, health, safety and environmental benefits to using Laser Cleaning as an alternative to traditional methods including abrasive blasting or chemical cleaning:

Meet Gareth Sheppard

With 25 years’ experience in the Maritime industry, cruising worldwide on a variety vessels geared towards remote exploration in harsh environments, Gareth has gained knowledge in the preservation of precious assets to create longevity and reliability in machinery and tools.

Having worked in safety conscious environments since his youth, Gareth appreciates the importance of establishing and following protocol to keep himself and those in the working vicinity safe.
Always with an eye for detail and striving for perfection in any task he is completing.

Let this task be restoring your precious asset back to near new condition, utilizing laser cleaning technology.
He is also pretty funny and quick with a joke if the situation suits. And sometimes, even when it doesn’t…

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Laser Cleaning safety

ECOLASER Solutions strive to create a safe and professional working environment for ourselves and those around us. Our highly trained crew are able to correctly use laser cleaning technology, giving us the ability to work safely in close proximity to other workgroups or machinery, without having to seal off the worksite as you would with other cleaning methods.

ECOLASER Solutions take laser safety very seriously, ensuring we protect the health of our employees, clients, contractors, and the public from laser radiation.

We have gone above and beyond complying with AS/NZS IEC 60825.14:2011,  this includes measures to ensure safe operation of the laser equipment, setting up a safe laser work zone, having a compliant laser system and ensuring the safety of those around us.

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