Laser Cleaning

ECOLASER provides laser cleaning for most commercial and industrial applications. It's the ideal solution for sensitive environments, hard-to-reach areas, and intricate surfaces with contamination build-up.

Remove, Restore, Reset without creating pollution.
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Below are just a few key use cases for our ECOLASER cleaning solutions - call us today to learn more

Our team offer a wide range of services across many industries.  We use one of the best quality European built laser machines available. Take a look below at some of our most popular use cases.

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Medical and Sterile Equipment Cleaning

Laboratory equipment can now be salvaged from permanent tarnishing with the use of laser cleaning technology.

Biomaterial Cleaning

Animal processing plants that require sanitary cleaning periodically can, now utilize laser cleaning technology to limit downtime and provide an effective cleaning solution to their biomaterial build up.

Rust, Corrosion & Oxides Removal

Rust, Corrosion or Oxides are inevitable in ferrous and nonferrous metals lifespan. We can remove these without harm to the substrate or the environment.

Wood Preparation and Restoration

ECOLASER has the ability to remove paint, stains and mould from wood pieces with detailed surfaces, preparing them for the next stage in their life.

Fire Damage and Soot Removal

Laser cleaning is a very effective method for removing soot, carbon and other contamination after a fire. Steel structures, painted walls and doors, stone and brickwork can all be cleaned.

Graffiti Removal

Laser cleaning offers a safe and chemical-free opportunity to remove graffiti, this is a great option for councils and companies trying to reduce their reliance on harsh chemicals for removal of graffiti in sensitive environments.

Heritage and Stone Restoration

Pulsed lasers are a fantastic, safe, non-contact cleaning method for the removal of scale, degradation, coatings, dirt and residue build up from precious stone and heritage pieces.

Heavy Machinery Maintenance

Pulsed lasers are an efficient, safe non-contact cleaning method for the removal of oil, grease, paint, rust, oxides, scale, degradation, coatings, dirt build up and residue from ferrous and nonferrous metals; steel, nickel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, tungsten and most other solid surfaces.

NDT Surface Preparation

Laser cleaning offers big benefits to pre-cleaning before dye penetrant testing, increasing the speed and accuracy in which the tests can be completed.

Tool Cleaning

Our laser is suited to remove light and medium levels of rust and corrosion. Effective on oils, carbon, paint, coatings and other contamination. Precise beam optics makes laser technology the preferred method for cleaning around other machinery, pipework, parts and more.


Engines, parts & componentry can be cleaned in a non-destructive method, oils are readily vaporised by the 1064nm laser pulse energy, the underlying surface is left untouched. Perfect for finely machined parts that cannot operate if scoured.

Pre and Post Weld Cleaning

Lasers are the ideal tool to help with metal preparation, remove contaminants including oil, grease, scale, hydrates, oxide layers & shop-primer, allowing for the best bond and weld quality between metals. Post weld slag is easily removed with a single pass saving precious time for busy fabricators.

Maximum results with minimum disruption for your business

ECOLASER Solutions offers precise cleaning that is not comparable to any other traditional cleaning system, our highly skilled and knowledgeable crew are able to utilize the nanosecond pulsed laser technology to provide you with the best outcome available.

  • Dustless
  • Low noise
  • Chemical and abrasive free
  • No encapsulation required
  • Low disturbance
  • Contactless cleaning
  • No secondary cleaning
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How does laser cleaning work?

When the nanosecond pulsed beam hits a surface, the contaminant layer is simply vaporized from the substrate and we use a strong vacuum to remove the vapour as we go.

Since this method only uses a laser beam to vaporize the dirt and or rust there are literally no consumables required. This also means the process is clean and very eco-friendly.

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Enquire now to see how we can restore your assets to near new condition!

Addresses Worldwide EPA and Chemical Containment Issues:

  • Fast removal, quality finish
  • Reduces base material damage/wastage risks
  • Versatile industrial applications
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • Meets OSHA compliance regulations

Versatile Uses:

  • Cleans, prepares, and primes
  • Fast set-up, quiet with no clean-up
  • No consumable media
  • No abrasives, chemicals or solvents - its a green process with no pollution

Laser beam settings are precisely adjustable to optimize process speed & gentleness ... Just a whole bunch of awesome!

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