our f.a.q's

Frequently asked questions

What damage can the laser do?

The laser is highly programmable and can be adjusted during cleaning when different surfaces and contaminants are reached. This prevents any substrate from receiving damage.

How much does a laser clean cost?

Good things don't come cheap. Our pricing depends on many variables and logistics so it's best to give us a shout to arrange a site visit for a detailed quote.

How long does it take to clean?

Cleaning is a detailed process and while we don't like to take more time than needed, we also don't want to leave site without being fully satisfied. It totally depends what is the substrate is we are cleaning and what the type of contamination is that's on it, it's thickness, age, access etc. So though the laser cleaning process can be more efficient than others, good things do still take time. I know that didn't answer your question, like a politician. There are too many variables to give an accurate answer.

Is the gas given off harmful to my staff?

Any fumes that are created during the abatement process are vacuumed away from the operator and the persons in the vicinity immediately through the nozzle which attached to the laser head. We also use a laser safety screen so no on can see the laser light radiation.