So what do our customers think about ECOLASER?

Laser cleaning is a new technology, it is becoming more prevalent with handheld and mobile systems.There are many cost, health, safety and environmental benefits to using Laser Cleaning as an alternative to abrasive blasting or chemical cleaning:

When we purchased our restaurant we inherited a build up of grease and fat around the frying area in our restaurant. It must have been at least 6 years old and we tried for years to remove it with all means available, especially with brute strength. ECOLASER spent 2 hours onsite and removed the thick build up effectively and even did some fittings around the range hood we could never get cleaned, without even being asked!

Owners - Soul Burger

Gareth cleaned the rust from the stainless steel balustrade around my beachfront properties deck and coated it, all completed in the same day. the balustrade looks better than ever and continues to hold up against the sea spray and weather.

Paul Biddell

How does laser cleaning work?

When the nanosecond pulsed beam hits a surface, the contaminant layer is simply vaporized from the substrate and we use a strong vacuum to remove the vapour as we go.

Since this method only uses a laser beam to vaporize the dirt and or rust there are literally no consumables required. This also means the process is clean and very eco-friendly.

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