Eliminate hand sanding and chemical use


No more dust filled environments or abrasive blasting


Reduce PPE requirements


Reduce exposure to toxic contaminants


Greatly reduce the amount of waste that is created and then disposed of during cleaning


Stop 2-4 step cleaning and remediation to remove contaminants


Ideal for small area cleaning, NDT, repair work, fire inspections and more


Ability to not disrupt the work environment and very quiet in operation mode


Non-contact removal of contaminants


Programmable beam so will not damage the substrate

laser cleaning solutions

Why choose laser cleaning?

Laser cleaning is a new technology, it is becoming more prevalent with handheld mobile systems. There are many cost, health, safety and environmental benefits to using Laser Cleaning as an alternative to abrasive blasting or chemical cleaning:

Recently, there has been an adaptation in industrial cleaning applications to include a wide range of pulsed laser cleaning or de–coating systems used to remove paint from delicate surfaces, strip insulation from conductors, engrave surfaces by ablation or remove vulcanizing residue from moulds.

The development of laser surface cleaning was influenced by the need for a non–abrasive and non–hazardous cleaning process that is also a suitable substitute for the use of chemicals or abrasive blasting systems. One key problem related to most of the conventional cleaning technologies is the wear of the substrate and the negative environmental impact. Abrasive blasting damages delicate surfaces and creates significant amounts of waste. Using chemical solvents involves liquid waste and potentially hazardous vapors. Such problems led to the development of the first laser systems for this purpose.
From the laboratory to the industrial plant, the benefits of lasers for surface cleaning of organic and inorganic material are attracting new applications daily.

Perfect for removing paint, corrosion, rust, contaminants from angled surfaces, weld cleaning, flange and gasket cleaning, or simple general surface cleaning at your industrial site. With no collateral waste or environmental pollution,  Laser Cleaning can be used on a variety of substrates including: metals, composites, stone & cement, wood and other organic materials. As an added bonus, our laser is a safe, variable power unit which allows the operator precise manipulation of the light beam to clean challenging, high value surfaces without water, chemicals or abrasive materials.

The laser leaves the existing irregular or flat substrates like welds, flanges or gasket surfaces in their original state and neither creates nor alters existing profiles.

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How does laser cleaning work?

When the nanosecond pulsed beam hits a surface, the contaminant layer is simply vaporized from the substrate and we use a strong vacuum to remove the vapour as we go.

Since this method only uses a laser beam to vaporize the dirt and or rust there are literally no consumables required. This also means the process is clean and very eco-friendly.

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