Heritage and Stone Restoration

Lasers are now used in the Thombs of Egypt to restore ancient artifacts with non-contact cleaning. The same technology can be used to keep your mother-in-laws head stone vibrantly fresh for those fond memories.

Statues, building facades and other historical pieces and be easily restored to their former glory also.

ECOLASER is an optimal solution for historic restoration and preservation. Because of its non-abrasive quality, it removes soil, coating build-up and paint while not harming the substrate. Our historical preservation cleaning services remove paint, in place, even in the smallest details. There are no toxic chemicals and no secondary clean-up. Because we do not use toxic chemicals, we do not stain or discolor wood surfaces, and do not gouge or raise the grain.

Our historical preservation cleaning services can safely remove contamination and paint from wood, brick, stone or metal, and we can clean safely around electrical cords, cables, switches and motors without danger or damage to the equipment. After we perform our laser cleaning services, you can safely re-paint or prime the area immediately if desired.

Benefits of our laser cleaning services include:

·       Reveals intricate details of historic structure

·       Safely cleans delicate surfaces and structures

·       No use of chemicals, which can add waste and damage exteriors