Heavy Machinery Industry

Heavy Machinery Industry

ECOLASER Solutions provides industrial cleaning services that quickly and cost-efficiently clean heavy machinery parts general overhaul maintenance periods. Rust, dirt, soot, grease and oil can build up in difficult to reach places and finely machined parts, which can cause machinery to function improperly, creating an unsafe working environment and creating undue wear and tear on equipment. Laser cleaning can reduce or eliminate costly repairs, safely and quickly removing this build-up without extensive downtime.

Our industrial laser cleaning ablates the surface with nanosecond pulsed laser beams which heat and instantly cool the contaminant causing it to turn into vapor and fumes which are then removed through an air extraction device. Meaning no mess to clean up.

Laser cleaning is non-abrasive, and will not scratch, damage or etch a surface, even on the most delicate equipment and parts. Additionally we use no chemical solvents, media or lubricants.  

It can be expensive to replace or repair machinery due to lack of regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance. Stay on top of your planned maintenance cleaning with ECOLASER Solutions mobile service.

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