Wine and Beverage Production

Wine and Beverage Production

ECOLASER Solutions services are ideal for cleaning brewing equipment in the beverage processing industry. Our wine barrel cleaning solutions effectively clean presses, press plates and augers of crystals, salts and build-up without damage to the tolerances of machine parts or their integrity.

Our Laser machine pulses a laser at nanoseconds to clean surfaces. The contaminants vaporize upon impact, lifting the contaminant from the surface without scratching, damaging or etching equipment - making this solution perfect for cleaning brewing equipment. Traditional wine barrel cleaning methods, such as scraping and chiseling to remove stubborn deposits, may leave surface imperfections in the equipment, in which bacterial matter can grow. ECOLASER Solutions cleaning methodology does not leave imperfections susceptible to bacterial matter.

The Benefits of Wine Barrel Cleaning with Laser Cleaning

Unlike traditional wine barrel cleaning methods, Laser cleaning does not use water, saving on drying time and eliminating bacteria build-up. Most wineries use some form of hot water rinsing when cleaning brewing equipment. In these methods, a stream of hot, pressurized water is shot through the bung hole. This process eliminates tartrates and lees, but can leave behind bacteria hidden deep in the wood. Additionally, it uses a massive amount of water - up to 25 gallons per barrel each time the barrel is washed out.

Laser Cleaning does not require water, and does not use other harmful chemicals or solvents, making our process 100% environmentally-friendly when cleaning brewing equipment.

Additional benefits of our wine barrel cleaning solutions include:

  • No secondary waste or run-off
  • Eliminates the need to re-toast barrels
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