Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

Because our poultry farming cleaning solution eliminates the use of water, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, and will not damage tools, equipment and other components we can operate in an around your processing plant with minimal disturbance and downtime

ECOLASER Solutions are the ideal choice for cleaning:

·       Biomaterial build up

·       Uncooked residues

·       Packaging equipment

·       Conveyors

·       Dryers

·       Freezers

·       Glue head residues

·       Baked-on oven residues

·       Mixing equipment

·       Ventilation equipment

·       Electric motors

·       Floors, ceilings and walls

·       Food storage rooms and equipment

·       Slicers and dividers

·       Radial feeders

·       Pack-off tables

·       Labelers and gluers

·       Palletizers

·       Proof box grids

·       Food moulds

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