Fire and Mould  Damage Restoration-Insurance Clean Up

Fire and Mould  Damage Restoration-Insurance Clean Up

ECOLASER Solutions cleaning services are up to three times faster than other cleaning methods, making them an ideal solution for fire, smoke or water damage. Laser cleaning for mould remediation is also highly-effective, removing up to 99.9% of mould spores from wood, without using chemicals or creating harmful secondary waste - with a more thorough clean than traditional cleaning methods.

Laser cleaning mould removal drastically reduces or eliminates the use of biocides and encapsulation when removing mould spores. There is no extensive drying time or secondary waste with our methodology, and we can remove mould in the tight angles of trusses, and around nails, wiring and plumbing without damage.

After a fire, laser cleaning services can reduce the burned smell and remove soot, allowing for a better evaluation of the damage. Metal, wood, concrete and brick surfaces can all be cleaned by ECOLASER Solutions services. ECOLASER cleaning can even restore light to medium charred wood from fire or smoke damage.

ECOLASER cleaning for fire restoration reduces cleaning time by as much as 80% and lowers residents' displacement cost. Additional benefits of ECOLASER Solutions cleaning services include:

·       No water damage

·       No use of caustic chemicals or acids

·       Reduces smoky, burnt smell while it cleans

·       Safe for electrical components

·       Reduces cleaning time by 80%

·       Kills organic contaminants

·       No secondary waste

Our laser cleaning technology shoots a laser beam pulsed in nanoseconds at the damaged surface and lifts the contaminants with no clean up, without scratching, etching or scarring the surface.

Because our laser cleaning of soot and mould removal does not require the use of chemicals, our products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

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